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  • DateChooser styling issues

    SmartGWT version: v6.0p_2017-02-23/PowerEdition
    Browser: Chrome: 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)

    We modified the DateChooser's styling, but it is not possible to modify the width of the yearChooserButton and the monthChooserButton.
    Especially if we switch to Chinese we have the problem that the dialog doesn't show the month. What are we doing wrong?

    In attachment you can find a screenshot, the modified css and the modification in the skin_styles.js.
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    It looks like your .js file just tries to set various buttons to 100% width. The result of doing this depends on what else is in the layout with the buttons and how the layout is sized. Instead, just set the pixel width that you want.


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      Thanks for the quick reply.

      I tried this, but it did not help. It seems that these two buttons (monthChooserButton, yearChooserButton) can not be changed. For the the other buttons (previousYearButton, previousMonthButton,) nextMonthButton, nextYearButton) I can set the width without problems. See attached files.
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        We've made a change to address this issue - all settings, including width, passed via year/monthChooserButtonProperties will now be correctly applied - please retest with a build dated May 25 or later.