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  • RichTextItem in ListGridin IE 11 on Windows 10: Toolbar buttons do not work

    SmartGwt Nightly 6.1d.0.0 "06/16/2017 15:44 +0000"

    Windows 10

    Problem does occour on:
    IE 11.1358.14393.0
    Updateversion 11.0.43

    Problem not occurring in Chrome 58.0 on Linux and Firefox 54.0 on Windows

    Steps to reproduce

    Take GridEnterNewRowSample from

    Make the editor of the listgrid column "nameField" a RichtTextItem like this:

    ListGridField nameField = new ListGridField("countryName", "Country");
    final com.smartgwt.client.widgets.form.fields.RichTextItem prototypeRichtextEditor = new com.smartgwt.client.widgets.form.fields.RichTextItem();
    ListGridField continentField = new ListGridField("continent", "Continent");
    Enter a few words in a SINGLE line of text in a new or existing grid row.

    Do NOT hit enter!

    Problem a)
    Double click a word in the text.

    Expected behaviour:
    Word is selected and highlighted

    Observed behaviour:
    Word is not selected and highlighted.

    As soon as you hit enter and enter another line of text, double clicking and selecting text like this works.

    Problem b)
    Select and highlight some text in the editor.

    Click a toolbar button, e.g. apply BOLD style.

    Expected behaviour:
    Selected text gets bold style

    Observed behaviour:
    Text is deselected, cursor placed at start of selection, style not applied.

    This malfuncrion applies to bold, italic, underline, text color, background color, font style, font size. However the paragraph functions like left-align, center, right-align, do actually work.
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