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  • Android: various problems while typing in forms

    SmartClient Version: SNAPSHOT_v11.1d_2017-05-14/AllModules Development Only (built 2017-05-14)

    Chrome on Android Nougat 7.1.2 - Nexus 5x (real device)

    Hello, please try the #maskedTextItem sample.
    While typing in the "Phone No." form item you'll see that the cursor will go back after the first 4 digits. In the "Date" form item, same effect after the first 3 digits.

    Other problems:
    1. if you add characterCasing:"upper" to the "firstName" form item, the characters doesn't become uppercase while typing.
    2. if you remove the mask from the "firstName" item, and also add characterCasing:"upper", then the uppercase is enforced, but if you type fast, many characters will be lost.

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    Just a note that this is assigned and will be looked into shortly - we'll update here when we have more information.


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      We aren't seeing any of these issues in testing against latest 11.1, using Tahoe.

      We're not sure what you mean by "the cursor will go back", but we don't see any bad behaviors when typing into the Phone and Date fields, however many characters, and however quickly they're typed.

      As doc'd, TextItem.characterCasing is ineffective in the presence of a mask, so your point 1) is expected behavior - if we simply comment the mask out and add set characterCasing, that seems to work as expected, with no lost characters. Also, if we change the mask to just be <??? etc, all chars are upper case and none are lost.

      Perhaps you can retest with the latest build, and show a video if it still fails for you?