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Old 28th Jan 2009, 06:44
cardenizen cardenizen is offline
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Default oracle xe 8080 bind

For those who have the default Oracle XE installed ...

The default XE installation uses port 8080 for its DB administration functions. When the embedded Tomcat starts, a port bind conflict is encountered. I could not see a way to configure the embedded Tomcat installation to use a different port (usually changed from 8080 to a different port in conf/server.xml).

Although documented elsewhere, please include a blurb on how to change the port used by oracle admin:

connect sys/your_password as sysdba

and change the port number in the shortcut (Database_homepage) used to launch the admin page at app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server
i.e. instead of

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Old 28th Jan 2009, 07:28
Isomorphic Isomorphic is offline
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If you prefer to change the SmartClient SDK instead, the port that it listens on can be changed by modifying the start_embedded_server.bat file (or the equivalent .sh file on Linux or MacOS). Just open the file in an editor and you'll immediately see what needs to be done.
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