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Old 9th Sep 2010, 10:34
heavenite heavenite is offline
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Default show picture while mouse over

We are designing an application for Apparel industry, where the users always like to see the “pictures” of the clothes. Does SmartGWT provide a widget that can load, display and resize (zoom in/out) in an efficient way? We like to show the picture for a cloth while mouse over the product name of the cloth. We need a quick-response way for good user experience (rather than waiting for 3-5 seconds while mouse over). How can we do this?
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Old 9th Sep 2010, 10:52
Isomorphic Isomorphic is offline
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If you mean that the clothing items are displayed in a ListGrid, use the hover APIs. You can enable hovers via setCanHover(true) and override getHoverHTML() with simple HTML for showing an image (and <img> tag).
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