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Old 25th Jan 2011, 13:11
martintaal martintaal is offline
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Default ListGrid: record components and new record in grid

I use the createRecordComponent/updateRecordComponent to add a column with image buttons (to save/cancel and edit action). This works fine/perfect for existing rows.

However, I now try to get editing a new record to work, but I do not seem to get the record components to be created for a new record row.

So my question: should record components also work with a row used for entering new records? I hope so... as I use record components to show a save/cancel button and a progress icon when the record gets saved.

gr. Martin
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Old 25th Jan 2011, 16:17
Isomorphic Isomorphic is online now
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Sorry, this is currently supported. However you can use the same approach suggested for editing new records in TreeGrids - see the docs TreeGrid.startEditingNew().
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