This patch is a workaround for a bug in the 5.5.1 build where databound hierachical menus (menus that load their submenus from a tree structured datasource) would occasionally include duplicate entries in the submenus.

This patch should be applied by one of the following methods:
- simply adding a <SCRIPT> tag with the content below, after you load SmartClient
- saving the content below into a .js file and including this file via a <SCRIPT SRC=...> tag, after you load SmartClient

It will automatically disable itself with future versions.

// Isomorphic SmartClient v 5.5.1 patch 
//      [applies to both smartclientSDK and smartclientRuntime builds]
// Purpose: Support keyboard shortcut to show context menus 
//          Supported shortcuts:
//          - Shift+f10 (IE and Mozilla/Firefox, Windows and Unix platforms)
//          - Ctrl+Space (Mozilla/Firefox, Mac OSX)
//          - Specialized Keyboard "context menu" button where supported
if (isc.version == "5.5.1/EVAL Deployment" || isc.version == "5.5.1/SDK Development Only") {
isc.Menu.addMethods({setTreeNode : function (_1) {var _2 = this.$33e.getLoadState(_1);this.$33g=_1;if (_2 == isc.Tree.LOADED) {this.treeDataArrived(_1);} else if (_2 != isc.Tree.LOADING) {this.$33e.loadChildren(_1, this.getID()+".treeDataArrived(node)");this.$33h=true;this.setData(null);}}});
// End of patch