This patch is a workaround for a bug in Firefox (all versions) where XML text nodes will return data truncated to 4096 bytes if accessed via

This patch should be applied by simply adding a <SCRIPT> tag with the content below, after you load SmartClient. It will automatically disable itself with future versions.

// Isomorphic SmartClient v5.5 patch
// Purpose: Workaround for FF bug where large text nodes return truncated data
//          when accessed via
if (isc.buildDate == "2006-09-29") {
getElementText : function (element) {
if (this.elementIsNil(element)) return null;
if (!element) return null;
if (isc.Browser.isMoz) return element.textContent;
var child = element.firstChild;
if (!child) return isc.emptyString;