I am trying to deploy smartClient V8.0 Professional under existing portal application using tomcat. I am able to get HelloWorld example working. However I am unable to use loadDS tag. If I include line -
<isomorphic:loadDS ID="CountryDS" /> to use existing countryDS datasource under shared/ds folder, I get following error -
javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Unable to load DataSource for ID: CountryDS
at com.isomorphic.taglib.LoadDSTag.outputJS(LoadDSTag.java:80)
at com.isomorphic.taglib.LoadDSTag.doStartTag(LoadDSTag.java:58)

I am also seeing some error messages indicating failure to detect web root in server.properties. startup log :
=== 2011-02-02 14:13:17,853 [main] ERROR ISCInit - Can't find marker file for we
for configured/autodetected webRoot - if you moved the 'isomorphic' directory, p
lease set isomorphicDirRootRelative in server.properties to the new location and
restart the servlet engine.

Please let me know how can I debug this issue.