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  • Pre-Sales Questions

    Hi; I would like to ask some pre-sales questions:
    1) Can the framework be deployed on a hosted platform?
    2) Can it be deployed on a non-Java app server eg LAMP stack?
    3) Will the deployed code auto adjust UI for end-user device (web and smartphone)?
    4) What are the minimum server requirements for deployment?

    Would appreciate some help.


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    1) yes

    2) yes, but you lose the server functionality, which is implemented in Java. See the QuickStart Guide, Server Framework chapter for an overview

    3) yes, there is some auto-adjustment now and more being built. Right now, there's a Mobile skin with appearance similar to native iPhone widgets (where applicable), for example, the TabSet changes to bottom-side tabs with appearance similar to the iPad application. There are also components, such as the SplitView, that encapsulate specific patterns of rearranging the screen for different size devices

    4) if using the server, J2SE 1.5+, without the server, none (any webserver).


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      Thanks for the answers... I do not know much about coding in Java and I would like to confirm if the platform creates most of the ds.xml files via the UI.

      Also, are there any "live" sites (web, ipad and smartphone) to look at that demonstrate the features and look & feel.

      Thanks again