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  • Does the SmartClient evaluation expire on March 7, 2011?

    I am performing an evaluation of SmartClient 8.0 Evaluation contained in the file

    In running the SmartClient Developer Console, I noticed that the bottom banner says:
    SmartClient Version: SC_SNAPSHOT-2011-01-06/EVAL Development Only (expires 2011.03.07_22.29.59)
    This begs the question: will Isomorphic be releasing a new evaluation that is runnable after March 7? The terms of the evaluation is 60 days, but I've been running this for less than 2 weeks and would like to make sure my evaluation cycle is not interrupted.

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    Hi rodk,

    We're close to a 2.4.1 release which will cause the Eval to be refreshed. Consider downloading nightly builds from instead - these are roughly release candidate quality right now and each time you download you get a fresh two weeks.