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    Evaluating SmartClient


    In our company we’re still evaluating to use SmartClient in our business application.

    We’re also thinking about modularizing our business application using OSGi Release 5 technology. Our bundle unit probably would be WABS. Does Isomorphic have any experience modularizing applications using OSGi? Have you ever modularized any application that uses SmartClient using OSGi technology? Is there any problem with smartclient and OSGi specifications? If we finally decide to use OSGi, could you offer us support about it?

    Nowadays we’re using iBatis as ORM. iBatis allow us to work with Oracle Types as in /out PL SQL parameters and as return of our PL/SQLs. Does Smartclient SQLDataSource work with structured data types such as Oracle types as in-out parameters in PL SQL procedures? As far as I know, Hibernate can’t work with Oracle types as in/out PL SQL parameters.

    Best regards,

    We haven't worked closely with OSGi but we are aware of customers using our technology in OSGi environments.

    If you purchase support, support for OSGi would be similar to support for servlet-engine specific issues - we'd help you troubleshoot, try to find workarounds for any OSGi platform issues.

    You can call stored procedures via SQLDataSource, see the QuickStart Guide. To have this "just work" with a simple <customSQL> declaration, the output needs to be a row or set of rows and the inputs need to be something that can be provided via Velocity templating. In/out params do not make sense in a declarative model like this.

    However, DMIs can call arbitrary Java logic, including logic that uses JDBC directly or uses iBatis to call PL/SQL, and DMIs can be used alongside SQLDataSource for specific operations. See the QuickStart Guide, Server Framework chapter, for an overview of how these various facilities work together.