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    SmartClient-Eclipse integration not working

    SmartClient Version: 7.0rc2 (built 2009-05-30)
    Browser: Not relevant; this is an Eclipse integration issue.
    Eclipse: Juno; build id: 20120614-1722


    I installed SmartClient ATF Personality 1.0 in Eclipse, following the installation instructions that came with SmartClient. However, I cannot create a new SmartClient project (because no SmartClient project creation wizard is listed in File -> New -> Other), and I do not see a SmartClient facet in project properties -> facets. It's as if the SmartClient ATF personality is not even installed.

    There is one installation step that I'm uncertain about: "From the SDK, copy the isomorphic directory from smartclientRuntime into the eclipse/plugins/com.smartClient.runtime_1.0.0/resources directory." Does this mean copy the isomorphic directory itself, or only its contents? In other words, should I end up with this directory:

    I eagerly await any help I can get:-)


    ATF is a dead project and SmartClient 7.0rc2 is way to old to be using for new development. Get the most recent version, ignore ATF, and follow the instructions under Deploying SmartClient to add the resources to your IDE.