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    Current Visual Builder export with Javascropt Code

    Hello fellow Smartclient Fans,

    I have been using the FREE Smartclient version for some smaller projects to test out the water and wanted to check some of the features that are promoted in the PRO Licence.
    I am unsure if this is the right forum section but its not really a "Technical Question" so I decided to drop it here.

    As the title mentiones I would like to export a Project with the Visual Builder (called Reify Local) and get the Code with Javascript and not the<XML>.
    This was possible with the older iteration of the Visual Builder (seen in one of Isomorphic videos on Youtube) but I can't seem to find an Option here for it.
    I assume that it is possible that it was dropped but I can imagen many people that worked with Smartclient started out with the JS stuff and are used to it.

    Smartclient Version:
    SmartClient Ajax RIA system
    Version v12.1p_2021-05-14/EVAL Deployment (2021-05-14)
    Chrome current

    Any advice appriciated

    Hello Jan, if you're interested in building things visually and integrating them into an application that you've been in SmartClient, please take a look at Reify (sign-up is free). To understand how to integrate screens you build in Reify into an existing SmartClient application, please take a look at Reify for Developers.

    Note that while there are many reasons to upgrade to Pro, you can actually have a paid Reify license for design, and be able to use your Reify screens in a SmartClient LGPL deployment, so long as you do not use Pro-level features in your Reify screens (such as charts).