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    Authentication error when implementing tha latest 121p ISC release

    Hi Isomorphic,

    We have upgrade our framework version frm the 12 to 121p and when autenticating the following error appears on the Tomcat console:

    === 2021-08-25 12:34:48,843 [ec-3] WARN RequestContext - rpcRequest.execute() failed:
    java.lang.Exception: No Authenticator configured for this URL
    at com.isomorphic.auth.Authentication.clearAuthInfo(
    at com.redur.login.rpc.SecureAppDMI.limpiarInicio(

    We have an Authenticator class defined in the

    authenticator.authRedClie: com.redur.login.rpc.RedClieAuthenticator
    authenticator.authRedClie.datasource: userPortalProv
    authenticator.authRedClie.usernameField: USUARIO
    authenticator.authRedClie.passwordField: PWD
    authenticator.authRedClie.sessionTimeout: 1800

    The authentication declared on the web.xml looks like:


    Please let us know what can be missing.

    Thank you in advance!

    This is not a documented or supported class. We would recommend switching over to whatever WebLogic provides, or any open source Authentication system.

    Integrating any such system with SmartClient’s Declarative Security features is very simple, sometimes completely automatic: see the QuickStart Guide.


      Thank you for your response.

      RedClieAuthenticator is just an extension of ISC com.isomorphic.auth.Authenticator. The problem seems to be that com.isomorphic.auth.AuthenticationFilter, declared on web.xml is not allowing to call the Overrided "authenticate" method of the first class. In the previous version it was working like a charm but now it seems that an URL must be configured for the autheticator, as the Exception says and we don't know how to configure that. Maybe on ther we have to add some other key?


        Yes, we know. And this class is not documented and not supported, so, you should not be using it, and we will not be providing assistance with using it.

        If you need help getting out of this situation, you can get hourly help from our consultants, to
        migrate to a supported approach. But this is not a valid support question, because this is an undocumented, unsupported class.

        Hope this is now clear.


          Yes, what is clear to me is that we will need to get support... but you must know that this implementation was also recommended by your support team few years ago. Now we will have to change the whole authetication logic because of a difference between release 12 and 121p, when this clases are still in this release, but we have no more support for this...

          Thank you for your help anyway


            Not clear what this means - you referred to a forums thread that was not posted by us and this does not constitute a recommendation.

            If you got a recommendation in some other way, perhaps there was a misunderstanding where we recommended using the approach for a quick test, to be replaced later.

            We never recommend using unsupported, undocumented APIs.