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    Upgrade v13 from v12

    Good evening,
    i upgraded from version 12 to version 13 of smartgwt but i have an annoying problem that i can't solve.
    In each of my RibbonBar / RibbonGroup I have display problems during the first creation phase; if the page goes in the background and is put back in the foreground (it is refreshed) the display is corrected.
    I am attaching 2 screens to give a better idea,
    image 1 to creation

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Immagine1.png
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    image 2 at redraw

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Immagine2.png
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Size:	35.2 KB
ID:	268920

    can you tell me what my mistake is?


    Hello Riccardo,

    Can you clarify what is happening here: it sounds like you get Image #1 if you just call draw(), but then you get image #2 once you call redraw() on the same components, with no other change?

    If so, this is very strange - can you show some of the code involved in this part of the application?



      the first image has just been drawn; then doing nothing but simply opening something else and then returning to the previously created mask I see everything correctly.
      I am sending you in small video in order to be clearer. I also send you the piece of code of the Tab that you see in the video, the gwt.xml and the .html that integrate the v 13 pro

      link wetrasfer video

      Greetings Riccardo
      Attached Files


        We have tried to reproduce the issue with no success based on the files you posted. However, we had to applied some adjustments to the code in the file in order to run and test it, because for example, there are various references to other classes in the it.studiors package.

        Therefore, two things:
        1. Did you test your app with the latest code of 13.0?
        2. If you still see the problem with the latest code of 13.0, then we are going to need you to provide a minimal standalone app that reproduces the issue so that we can test it.

        Isomorphic Software



          Sorry for the delay in responding;
          I was able to make a new project and identify an anomalous situation.
          If I change the visibility of a component that I have already added to the RibbonGroup before it is displayed,
          I have the anomaly (see buttonCerca). I am attaching the wetransfer link of the project



            From a quick look, this appears to be an entire project - please note we don't accept that (see notes right below the reply box), because many, many things could be flawed in a complete project.

            If you think that this "anomalous situation" is a framework bug, please put together a test case that demonstrates it (self-contained please).


              i send you only src code




                hi b.bottai ,

                We've fixed the issue where visibility changes after init but before draw() were not being caught, and made some refinements that should address the extra draw()s.

                You can try out the changes as of today's builds, dated November 17.



                  The fix is ​​ok on v13;
                  can you fix it on 12.1 as well?


                    We've ported the changes to 12.1 just now - please retest with tomorrow's build, dated November 19 or later.