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    i am using Smartgwt2.5 - gwt2.2 version.

    we are facing following issue while we tried to integrate highcharts-gwt(moxie) in our existing app built on smartgwt.

    when the user navigate form one tab to another, the chart stays still . i tried all ways to reduce the z-index of chart,hide the chart,but nothing changed.

    is there any way to hide the charts when user navigate to next tab.

    Thanx In Advance
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      Yeah, I've noticed that trouble with the z-index as well, and there are several posts on the Highcharts forums about folks having similar trouble as well. It appears to be potentially browser related in the way the different canvas/svg rendering engines work.

      The best work around I've found is to move the SmartGWT Canvas that the chart is rendered inside of off screen when it should be hidden. E.g.


      And then when it should be visible again, move it back:


      I have my own SmartGWT layout that I'm using for my case, so I just add that logic there. If you're using the SmartGWT tab, then I'd think you could do something similar in the TabSelectedHandler and TabDeselectedHandler.

      Hope that helps,



        I'm facing a very weird problem using SmartGWT 3.0 and GHW-Highcharts together... The problem is described here:

        Summarizing, I got a lot of:

        Uncaught JavaScript exception [TypeError: h is undefined] in, line 187
        Uncaught JavaScript exception [TypeError: h is undefined] in, line 187

        When moving the mouse over the charts, and tooltips don't work. Any ideas?


          As a wild speculation, Highcharts may have helper methods they add to the native JavaScript Array that conflict with SmartGWT's.

          The best thing to do is try to obtain more information about the crash using debug tools, such as inspecting the stack before the crashing call.


            Thanks for the follow up Isomorphic. A similar idea turned out to be the problem, so we now have a patch that can be applied to the Highcharts JS file to work around the issue and we've submitted that over to Highsoft to consider including in a future release. For others that may need it, the related post is here: