I believe there's a bug with today's beta realase of SmartGWT EE 3.0. If you look at the attached screenshot, you'll see that the drop-down arrow for the selectItem combobox is disabled for 3 out of the 5 comboboxes. We're not sure why 3 of them are disabled but the other 2 work fine. The reason why we're fairly sure it's a bug is that when we use an OLDER version of SmartGWT 3.x (release date of September 26, 2011), all selectItem comboboxes appear normally. Our SmartGWT code in both cases is 100% identical.

As well, and we're not sure if this is related, we get the warning message in the "SmartClient Developer Console":

09:35:20.466:MUP7:WARN:PickListMenu:isc_PickListMenu_0:fields and completeFields are null and there is no DataSource
09:35:20.502:MUP7:WARN:PickListMenu:isc_PickListMenu_1:fields and completeFields are null and there is no DataSource

However, we get this warning message even with the OLD SmartGWT 3.x (ie from September 26, 2011), and the combo boxes DO work in that situation. (You can see this warning message in the 2nd attached screenshot as well.)

Is there anything we should do (ie hack) to get the comboboxes to work in latest 3.0 release or should we just wait for the fix?

Additional infracstructure details are below:

OS: Windows XP Pro
IDE: MyEclipse 9.0 with Google Plugin for Eclipse (2.3.1)
SmartGWT EE 3.0 (Release of November 01, 2011, ie latest)
Browwer: Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1
GWT SDK: 2.3
Sun JDK 1.6.0_27
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