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  • how to add support for other platforms+does limited functionality work on other os's?

    There is an entry in Smart GWT Docs which refers to platforms supported-

    It says ios, blackberry 6+, and android are supported.

    Now, Smart GWT will compile the Java code into HTML+CSS+Javascript.

    How do I extend Smart GWT to make it work for other platforms- like Amazon Kindle, Blackberry 5, and other smartphones/tablets?

    Specifically, I am looking for atleast the designs, drag and drop and animation effects to work in other devices- I dont want the charting+ other features as of now. I understand that I may have to create a custom design for each other device- eg specific theme for Amazon kindle.

    What do I do to make Smart GWT work across other platforms? .... even if only the features I require work correctly its fine with me...
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