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  • Filter criteria value fields disabled in recent release

    We recently update to the SC_SNAPHOT-2012-03-15_v8.2/Power Edition, and are using Firefox 10.

    What we've noticed is that in grid filters, the values field for data fields with custom select expressions are (by default) disabled. So values cannot be specified for filter criteria for those fields.

    After doing some experimentation, it seems that it is being governed by the canEdit attribute on the DS field. If set to "true", then the value can be entered for the filter criteria. We don't have this attribute set on these fields, and don't want to set them this way, since they are otherwise not supposed to be editable.

    It seems to be a change with this specific release, so I assume a regression?


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    Any update on this? Just to clarify it is the FilterBuilder component in which the fields are disabled.


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      We'll check on this, however, can you clarify - is it correct for these fields to be canEdit:false in your application (hence read-only in a DynamicForm) so long as they are still canFilter:true?

      Also, why do you have a lot of such fields (as the previous post seems to imply).


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        The read-only fields are not directly editable by the user. They contain transactional data that is updated by other background processes, but the user needs to see them and be able to filter on them, just not update them.


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          From a first look, we aren't seeing this behavior. Could you post a DataSource definition that gives you this problem?


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            Originally posted by Isomorphic
            From a first look, we aren't seeing this behavior. Could you post a DataSource definition that gives you this problem?
            Here's one, based on the samples database (tested w/ the 2012-05-01 3.0p build).

            <!-- <%@ taglib prefix="fmt" uri="" %> -->
            <DataSource xmlns:fmt="urn:jsptld:"
                    <fmt:setBundle basename="com.islandpacific.fieldpicker.shared.datasources.OrderItem"/>
                    <!-- Hidden fields are excluded from the Tree -->
                    <field name="PK" type="sequence" primaryKey="true" hidden="true">
                        <title><fmt:message key="itemId.title"/></title>
                        <prompt><fmt:message key="itemId.prompt"/></prompt>
                    <field name="DERIVED" customSQL="true"/>
                    <!--  -->
                    <field name="ORDERID" required="true" foreignKey="Order.ORDERID">
                        <title><fmt:message key="orderId.title"/></title>
                        <prompt><fmt:message key="orderId.prompt"/></prompt>
                    <fmt:setBundle basename="com.islandpacific.fieldpicker.shared.datasources.Order"/>
                    <field name="CUSTOMERNAME" includeFrom="Order.CUSTOMERNAME">
                        <title><fmt:message key="customerName.title"/></title>
                        <prompt><fmt:message key="customerName.prompt"/></prompt>
                    <field name="TRACKINGNUMBER" includeFrom="Order.TRACKINGNUMBER">
                        <title><fmt:message key="trackingNumber.title"/></title>
                        <prompt><fmt:message key="trackingNumber.prompt"/></prompt>
                    <field name="ORDERDATE" includeFrom="Order.ORDERDATE">
                        <title><fmt:message key="orderDate.title"/></title>
                        <prompt><fmt:message key="orderDate.prompt"/></prompt>
                    <fmt:setBundle basename="com.islandpacific.fieldpicker.shared.datasources.OrderItem"/>
                    <field name="ITEMDESCRIPTION" required="true">
                        <title><fmt:message key="itemDescription.title"/></title>
                        <prompt><fmt:message key="itemDescription.prompt"/></prompt>
                    <field name="QUANTITY" required="true">
                        <title><fmt:message key="quantity.title"/></title>
                        <prompt><fmt:message key="quantity.prompt"/></prompt>
                    <field name="UNITPRICE" required="true" canEdit="false" canFilter="true">
                        <title><fmt:message key="unitPrice.title"/></title>
                        <prompt><fmt:message key="unitPrice.prompt"/></prompt>
            Last edited by bbruyn; 1st May 2012, 11:38.


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              Just a follow-up to ask whether anyone's had a chance to look at this?


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                This was already resolved in 3.1d. A fix has been ported across to 3.0p - please try the next nightly build and let us know if it persists for you

                Isomorphic Software