Hi Isomorphic,

could you please explain the use of ListGridField.setFilterEditorValueMap() and perhaps add an example to the Showcase? A search in the forums and a source-code search in the showcase show no hits.

My use-case is the following:
I have a list of persons (personDS) with their honorific_id (pointing to "Miss", "Mrs.", "Mr."), where the first two are female and the latter is male. The flag M/F is also in the honorificDS.
I show the list of personDS in a ListGrid with Filters. I already managed to get the SelectItem-Filter in the Honorific-column to be (M, F) instead of ("Miss", "Mrs.", "Mr.").
Now if I filter, I want that for "F" only entries with a honorific_id pointing to ("Miss", "Mrs.") are shown.
Therefore I'll need to "translate" the entries in the ListGrid to either "F" or "M", which I think setFilterEditorValueMap should do. But I can't get it to work. Neither mapping the honorific_name->gender nor honorific_id->gender works (I have correctly filled java.util.Maps).

The filter behaviour does not change whether I have the setFilterEditorValueMap-line in my code or not.

Of course I could just show another column with M/F and filter on that one, but it would be better if it worked the setFilterEditorValueMap-way.


PS: FF11 Dev mode, Eclipse, SmartGWT 3.0