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    includeFrom outer join?

    Can a datasource field's includeFrom attribute generate an outer join instead of an inner? Doesn't look that way, but here's hoping I've just missed something... if not, perhaps a feature sponsorship?

    Currently no, but something like an attribute field.joinType could make this possible and makes sense as a sponsorship.

    Note this kind of thing looks like it would be simple enough to just do without setting up a sponsorship, but there are lots of variations in join syntax for different DBs, and this needs to work correctly even with there are multiple joins involved (some outer, some normal/inner).


      For anyone searching for this feature - it was implemented and can be used as such:

      <field foreignKey="" joinType="outer" name="test2"</field>
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        Uppercase please


        I found the property in the documentation: in this definition JoinType is all uppercase. If I use the uppercase version it doesn't work.

        Please update this behavior or the documentation because only thanks of this post I was able put specify an outer join.

        Is there a DataSource XSD?



          Originally posted by cramirez View Post
          Is there a DataSource XSD?
          cramirez, please see regarding the XSD file question.

          I understand Isomorphic's point of view regarding the extensibility of the ds.xml format
          Nevertheless it should be possible to create an own (growing) version of a XSD adjusted to your needs, which will save you a lot of trouble with typos or careless mistakes in ds.xml files.
          I thought myself of it, but never started it. If you are interested in doing so I'd appreciate if you share your results.

          Best regards,