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    Inconsistency observed in displaying buttons in list grid

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I am using Smart Gwt Version --- 6.0

    Browser: Google chrome 60.0.3112.113

    URL referred:

    Steps to reproduce
    1.In the above sample UI ,click the Column options from the List Grid header Menu Items.
    2.Disable the "Info" Option.
    3.Enable the "Info" Option.
    4.Observe the List Grid Info column is displayed properly.
    5.Again Disable the "Info" Option.
    6.Enable the "Info" Option.

    Observe that "Info" column buttons are hidden for some of the List Grid rows.

    Is there any reason for the above inconsistent behaviour?
    Any suggestions to overcome this ?

    Hi vnathank,

    are you linking to the wrong sample? I can reporduce with GC60 here using v11.1p_2017-09-10.

    Best regards


      This has been fixed for builds dated September 13 and later.

      In the meantime, this bug was specific to RecordComponentPoolingMode.VIEWPORT - you'll see correct behavior if you use one of the other modes, DATA or RECYCLE.