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    Can't find Stratus theme

    Just downloaded Tahoe theme is included but I don't see any references to Stratus theme. Am I missing something obvious?

    Which build of 12.0 did you download/via which link?

    We just downloaded the latest nightly patch-build from and we see Stratus present - It's also available in the Skin-picker in the Showcase and works as expected.

    Please retry with the latest 12.0 from - if you still see no reference to Stratus, let us know where you're looking that you can see Tahoe but not Stratus.


      As I inherited the project it was my mistake in interpretation of what was going on. Our gwt.xml did not have any references to Stratus and as a result Stratus was not added to the application in our build process.

      Adding <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.stratus.StratusResources"/> solved the problem. I am new to this and unfortunately have to get things done without having the time to learn the fundamentals, sorry. Thanks again for your help.