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    TabSet option to wrap tabs

    We have a form where we can't fit all the horizontal tabs (there are 12 tabs, I know that's a lot :) ). By default TabBar shows a scroller, which allows to move the tabs horizontally, but unfortunately one at a time and there is no indicator that there are still tabs that are not shown, so user can easily miss the hidden tabs unless they keep scrolling. Setting tabSet.setShowMoreTab(true); makes things worse as it creates a "more" tab and forces user to select from the panel one tab at a time, which is not very convenient. Is there a way to make tab bar to "wrap" tabs based on form width? If not, is there a recommended way to show"more" without creating the "more" tab that would move the tabs and not display the "more" panel? This should be a pretty common case - am I missing something obvious?

    We don't have an option for wrapped tabs, as that seems to be a less popular interface than the two modes we do support. Note that the scroller is optional, so you could turn it off and just expect users to use the drop-down tab picker.

    If you are really set on having wrapped tabs, it would be a valid Feature Sponsorship.


      Thanks for your response. I think that turning scroller off is going to work as it will make it clear that the drop-down tab picker is the only option. That said, I am sure some users will not see it :)