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  • isBlank filter not working on the empty String

    While filtering data of big size, we have handled the filtering operation in server side by calling valuesMatchCriteria method of Evaluator class

    if (ev.valuesMatchCriteria(objectAsMap, filterCrt)) {

    where ObjectAsMap = { imageField=null, productName=, pb=null}
    and filterCrt = AdvancedCriteria:[and:[{productName isBlank}]]

    Whenever the productName = "", valuesMatchCriteria doesnot returns true.
    while if the productName = null, valuesMatchCriteria returns true and filters work.

    We are using

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    That's quite an old build - numerous fixes and enhancements have been made in this and related areas since then, and we see no issues against latest code.

    Please retest your case with the latest patch-build of your version from


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      Also, filtering large data sets with this method is a really bad idea. As we state in the docs, you don't want to use this method for filtering large sets of data, as there is no way that eliminating records in your Java server can be done at even 1/1000th of the speed of a SQL query, no matter how well we optimize the method. So you should abandon this approach now.


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        We have tested with the new build but still, the Evaluator class isn't able to filter the empty string when the operator is IsBlank.


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          We've made a change to address the issue with the isBlank operator. Please try the next nightly build, dated July 19.

          On the other hand, using Evaluator.valuesMatchCriteria() for large data sets is not a good idea for the commented reasons above (#3).

          Isomorphic Software