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  • About the use of the DateTimeItem component in the Chinese locale

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    When I use the Chinese language, I find that the red circle part of the above picture cannot display the currently displayed month.So I debug the CSS style in Chrome, I found that I want to adjust the width to 118PX to display properly.
    As shown below:

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Name:	222222.png
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    So, how do I write the required CSS styles in the following code? I have tried many methods that can't achieve the expected results?
    I hope to get your help, thank you.
    DateTimeItem dateTimeItem = new DateTimeItem();

    I used the client version of 12.0, I think the version is ok.
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    We agree that this shouldn't happen by default and will have our development team look at what's going on.

    In the mean time, you can fix this by explicitly changing the default width of the "monthChooserButton" autoChild for the DateChooser.
    The following snippet should achieve this for you:
                        Canvas monthChooserButtonTemplate = new Canvas();
                        monthChooserButtonTemplate.setWidth(50); // feel free to adjust the width to whatever looks best
                        DateChooser.changeAutoChildDefaults("monthChooserButton", monthChooserButtonTemplate);

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      Thank you very much. it works correctly, The SmartGWT is very cool, our team developed a very complicated ERP system based on your SmartGWT.


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        We've now made a change to fix the default sizing of this button in the 12.0p and 12.1d branches. This change will be present in nightly builds going forward (dated July 18 or above).

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