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  • Fast Edits in ListGrid - Performance and Visual Clunkiness

    Hello Isomorphic

    We serve a group of users (operators) that have to make changes very quickly in a grid, just like they would if they were using Excel. Typically, these are numeric values and the user tries to type as fast as they can typing a number, then hitting enter (to go down) or tab (to go to the right), then type the next number, and keep going until they are do modifying typically a 24-hour array of data.

    The issue we're seeing is that after the user hits Enter, the ListGrid lags quite a bit and it makes the whole process about 20% slower and clunkier than in Excel (user sees weird simultaneous edits). I have attached a screenshot showing 15+ cells being "edited" simultaneously - this happens when we press the Enter key to go down a number of cells. I also have videos of the editing experience of ListGrid vs Excel that I would like to provide because I think it's useful to watch them in order to observe and understand the issue - they are mp4 and won't be accepted as an upload - can I provide a dropbox URL?

    Click image for larger version

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  • Isomorphic
    Oh, also, for a problem like this, itís critically important that you let us know the basics as listed in the FAQ: your version, browser and platform tested and versions of those as well.

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  • Isomorphic
    Can you reproduce any similar problems in the Showcase? If not, the problem is likely that you have event handlers that are slow and causing delays, so you will need to analayze and correct those.

    If you *can* reproduce the problem in the Showcase, you may have development tools or other browser plugins active; these can cause major slowdowns and other aberrant behavior. Disable them temporarily to see the performance your end users will see.

    Yes, if you have a Dropbox URL, you can post that here.

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