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  • Isomorphic
    Have you already attempted to clear your browser's cache? Each set of jars that we release is validated by running a suite of tests against the SmartGWT Showcases, so you must not be in a consistent state.

    You might try running the GWT Plugin in "Classic" Development Mode once before running SDM. Other advice can be found in the Troubleshooting Super Development Mode help topic, paying particular attention to the troubleshooting matrix at the end.

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  • Unable to start application in Super Dev mode with SmartGWT 12


    I have upgraded my application's jars from smartgwt 5 to smart gwt 12, thats it , no other changes made.

    When starting the application in Super Dev mode, the compilation is successful, but the application UI is blank. nothing comes up.

    On checking in the Chrome Dev Tools, below error is seen on the line where ModuleEntryPoint is drawing the layout.. Can you please suggest .

    Uncaught TypeError: _1.$sq is not a function
    at _3.isc_Layout_updateMemberTabIndex [as updateMemberTabIndex] (ISC_Foundation.js:369)
    at _3.isc_Layout__setupMembers [as $2w] (ISC_Foundation.js:233)
    at _3.isc_Layout_drawChildren [as drawChildren] (ISC_Foundation.js:230)
    at _3.isc_Canvas_draw [as draw] (ISC_Core.js:2603)
    at VLayout_1_g$.draw_0_g$ [as draw_2_g$] (