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    Hi Isomorphic,

    In your recent blog post, performance tips from the experts, there is a tip about the FileLoader.

    Use the FileLoader to start loading the core SmartClient runtime in the background while your users are interacting with a non-SmartGWT login page or landing page, to reduce application load time for first-time users who have not yet cached these files. To do this, load the ISC_FileLoader.js file in your plain HTML login or landing page, and call isc.FileLoader.cacheISC(). Refer to the SmartClient Reference for FileLoader for details of how to get this right (setting path to the files to load, etc), and also to learn about other features of the FileLoader that can help you cache other resources. -Charles
    Is the FileLoader now available for all SmartGWT licenses, or is it still part of Network Performance, and only available in Power and higher, as per the post below?


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    Licensing for FileLoader remains unchanged.

    This tip can be achieved via other means, it's just a matter of whether you want to spent the time troubleshooting the various browser bugs that are encountered if you try to do the same thing directly.


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      OK, thank you.