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    TreeGrid checkbox appearance

    Hello iso,
    I have a TreeGrid with SelectionAppearance.CHECKBOX. By default, the checkboxes are shown right next to a value in a certain field.
    I would like to know whether it is possible to have these autogenerated checkboxes occupy their own, also autogenerated, field. Pretty much the same way they do in a regular ListGrid.
    In this ( ancient thread's screenshots I can see it was somewhat possible back then.


    (v12.0p_2018-08-25/Pro Deployment (built 2018-08-25))
    Chrome 71.0.3578.98

    You can add a column of type "boolean" to create another checkable field, but selection is driven by clicking next to the node, because that's what end users expect (this is very consistent across different platforms).

    As far as the odd appearance achieved in that other thread, most likely that user just used a CellFormatter to make all the titles in the tree field blank, and likewise customized the title of the tree field to be a checkbox, although it's not clear if he also tried to make it interactive.