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    Why is a field sent to the server even though it's defined as canSave false?

    I just noticed a thing i didn't remember a good answer for. :)

    Say i have a .ds-field defined like this:
     <field name="locLat" type="float" title="loclat" required="false" hidden="true" valueXPath="location/lat" canSave="false"/>
    I notice that if i have that field in a form, and save it, the field is still sent to the server. It would make sense to me if readonly-fields are not passed on to the server, i see it as spam data since i won't ever use it on add/edit. I suppose there's a reason for still sending it, but i could not come up with anything, perhaps besides logging? Thoughts appreciated.

    The field indicates the value the user saw when editing, which can be useful contextual information.


      Well, as you can see the field is set to "hidden" so the user did not see it. I see what you mean though.