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    Standalone DataSource Usage: "webRoot" is located within the ".jar" file

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I'm trying to create a java app based on smartGWT Details about app.
    That app must be contained in one single ".jar" file.

    Only one problem left.
    I have to somehow set up in my that "webRoot" is located within the ".jar" file.
    It should a relative path, something like:
    #webRoot: /war
    #webRoot: ./war
    isomorphicPathRootRelative: verification\sc
    But it does not work.

    Do you have any hint? If this is not possible, is there maybe some work around?

    Best regards

    You shouldn't have to set webroot unless you are doing something unusual. It's auto-detected. It doesn't make sense to think of webroot as being within some .jar, as webroot is the root of all resources that can be found. However you would set isomorphicPathRootRelative if you have moved resources another level deeper within the .jar for some reason.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      thank you for your prompt reply.

      If I don't set webroot, then I always get error
      Exception when loading from __USE_CONTAINER__/isomorphic/system/schema/builtinTypes.xml: Configured for containerIO, but servletContext not available!  You need to install the Init servlet
      And that makes sense according to docs (Standalone DataSource Usage):
      "Because we are not running inside a servlet container, Smart GWT's built-in logic to work out where its application root is does not work. Therefore, you need to manually set a "webRoot" in your file. The webRoot should point to the root folder of your application."

      In my app, "SmartGWT" should just do this job:
              DSRequest request = new DSRequest("datasourceName", DataSource.OP_FETCH);
              DSResponse response = request.execute();
      My "war" folder contains:
      1) /shared/ds/"datasourceName".ds.xml (copied from our "real project")
      2) /verification/sc/system/schema/ (Action.ds.xml,.., builtinTypes.xml,...).

      But how to tell SmartGWT where to find "war" folder? Because in my case it obviously does not find it and I can't link it as "absolute path" because my goal is to have a java app "verification.jar"- one single .jar file that does all the work and contains all the necessary data for that work.

      Best regards