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    Since validateRow() returns synchronously, there is no way for it to tell you the result of a remote validation, which is asynchronous. However, you can find out if a field has errors with fieldHasErrors(), and you can find out that a validation response has just come back from the server by installing a transformResponse() handler on the DataSource.


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      I thought it was due to an asynchronous call. Thanks for the hint of how to get to the answer from the server.


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        I think I've found a mistake.

        When ListGrid.setShowRowNumbers (true);
        an attempt to connect ValuesManager to the ListGrid,
        ValuesManager vm = new ValuesManager ();
        listGrid_Wyniki.setValuesManager (vm);
        causes an error in the browser console:
        TypeError: fieldName.contains is not a function.

        When ListGrid.setShowRowNumbers (false) then there is no error.
        I need to display the numbers of the lines in ListGrid.

        The browser debugger indicates an execution error in ISC_Core.js (line: 90995):
        var isDataPath = fieldName.contains (separator);

        Tested on SmartGwt 6.1p from 27/05/2019

        Additional info
        I have been looking further and probably more reason is change in ListGrid some value, and then manually call ListGrid.saveAllEdits () function.
        I am reminded that my current ListGrid and DataSource configuration is set in ClienetOnly (true) and SaveLocaly (true) with remote validation, so I use setEditValues (.., ..) to start remote validation. If I do not execute saveAllEdits (), this error does not appear, but I see all the time that the records have been modified (a different font color indicating that the cell has been edited), despite the fact that they passed the validation
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          A ValuesManager aggregates forms. What were you hoping would happen here?


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            I wanted to connect ValuesManager to ListGrida to find out if the column contains errors as a result of remote validation. I can not do it this way?


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              We already explained how to do this in post #16 in this thread, and it does not involve a ValuesManager, and again, it does not make sense to use a ValuesManager with a ListGrid.