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  • Isomorphic
    Did you turn off client-side filtering entirely? If you did, you should look hard at whether you can turn that back on. That eliminates the majority of the requests, and will have more of an effect than anything you're considering here.

    A fetchDelay that large leads to horrible user experience and simply looks broken. And it also imposes a search delay on criteria changes that would lead to a client-side search, but then again, if it did not, it would make your control look even more broken (some requests are very slow, some quick, and to the user, there's no apparent reason).

    The only thing we can suggest is that, if you wanted to impose a long delay on the *first request only*, you could put a TextItem in place that just looks like a ComboBoxItem, then swap in the real ComboBoxItem with the entered text once a certain delay had been reached or the enter key pressed.

    Really, you should spend your time optimizing the server process further, as all of these other approaches clearly lead to a worse UI, whereas server optimizations actually make things better.

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  • ComboBoxItem data entry and search start and search prompt questions

    Hi Isomorphic,

    using current 12.0p we are using a ComboBoxItem to search of entries. The search itself is quite expansive on the server side, so we do not want too many or unnecessary requests fired.

    I know that we have setMinimumSearchLength() and setFetchDelay(). What I want to do is to set the fetchDelay to a high number (e.g. 10sec) and then start searching after either that time or if the user triggers the search via "Enter"-key. Is this "Start search via Enter" possible?

    Also, is it possible (and a good idea?) to make the picklist-fetch blocking, meaning to set on the picklistProperties-ListGrid-fetch-requestProperties showPrompt:true?

    Thank you & Best regards