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  • Isomorphic
    To resolve your other question, there is no built-in Framework support for what you want to do. You may have noticed ListGrid.rotateHeaderTitles, but it's not supported for CubeGrids. We'll be updating our docs to reflect that.

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  • Isomorphic
    Sorry about the slow response - we mistook a spam post here for a helpful reply

    Can you describe what CSS you're using to achieve the pictured output?

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  • paata_magticom
    started a topic CubeGrid Header Title

    CubeGrid Header Title

    Hello team,

    We use SmartGWT 6.1p Version. We have small problems with CubeGird Headers. Here is questions :

    1. Is there any standard mechanism to rotate headers ? by -90 degree for example. We found some solution : put div inside Header and set css class for it. Is it right mechanism ?
    2. We want to start header title from the bottom of the header. How can we do it ? Somehow we want to set vertical alignment - Bottom. but we can't found how it is possible.

    Here is the screenshot attached. Red border is our custom title container - div. we want that this div to be started from the bottom.

    Any idea will be appreciated.


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