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    12.0p RESTHandler and validation error on multiple:true field

    Hi Isomorphic,

    in 12.0p, if you add a validation error on a multiple:true field, the format differs from the format of other fields, as it includes an extra <text> tag.
    In the screenshot, CUSTOM1_STRING1 is multiple:true and CUSTOM1_STRING2 is not.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ValidationErrorMultipleField.png
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    Best regards

    This is an internal detail - does this affect your application in some way? Some kind of CSS selector you were trying to use? Because in general, you must treat the generated DOM as internal, unsupported details - we have to adjust it every now and then to deal with the ever-changing list of browser bugs.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      I'm pretty sure there is a misunderstanding because you mentioning CSS.

      This should not be browser specific as it is not a website DOM, but the XML result of the serverside RESTHandler servlet.
      We use this for integration (not something clientside CSS related), so it would be good if there are no changes in between versions. Actually I already expected this to be stable, as request and response are docd and you already show a validation error in the docs in the expected format (without <text>):
      A response showing a validation error might look like this:
      <response> <status>-4</status> <errors> <field1> <errorMessage>A validation error occurred for this field</errorMessage> </field1> </errors> </response>
      Best regards