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    Responsiveness in SmartGWT based application

    Hi Isomorphic ,
    Currently I am working on a smart GWT based application which i need to support on multiple platforms (Desktop, mobile, Tab , Iphone , Ipad) . For each of the specific device i need to handle my code based on screen resolution and screen size of device . Based on my research SmartGWT does not support responsiveness , it support adaptive design .

    Main problem that we are facing is when we resize our application in particular browser window, we need to refresh page to adopt that particular screen resolution .

    So my question is , is there any latest patch available on which SmartGWT supports Responsiveness in web Application ? , or is there any planning in near future to support responsiveness ?, SO that i can write code once and run it on any platform

    It sounds like you have not read our Mobile Development overview. Adaptive Design includes responsiveness. Please read the overview for details.


      Hi Isomorphic ,
      I have gone through responsiveness design for mobile site , and found splitPane class . I have implemented my code according to this and it is working for Grid, form component, which i can put in Pane . But i am facing issue in Header Component and Navigation Item component . Is there a way to handle Header component also so that on screen resizing it automatically get wrapped and adjust according to screen size .



        If youíre talking about the automatically generated header component that SplitPane creates, no, there is no way to do that, as thatís not what you should do from a UE perspective (you will not find any mobile apps or sites that do that).

        You can of course add your own header, or any other component, to the DetailPane if thereís something you want to show there.