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  • Isomorphic
    We've exposed a few APIs In builds dated December 1 and later - there's now an addIndicatorClickHandler(), so you can get rid of your JSNI that does that, and there is now also a read-only eventCanvas.getIsIndicatorCanvas () API, an alternative to checking for a zero-duration.

    Note that matching ZoneCanvas APIs have also been exposed.

    For future reference, we don't get notification-emails when users edit their posts, so we didn't realise you'd followed up here. Please add new posts when you have new information.
    Last edited by Isomorphic; 30th Nov 2019, 02:16.

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  • Hirn
    thank you very much. Everything works

    is it possible to add that the indicator would react to the event addEventClickHandler or setEventEditorCustomizer?

    I have now solved the problem this way

    private native void initDeadlinesCallbacks(Object object) /*-{
    var self;
    var instance = this;
    if(this.@com.smartgwt.client.widgets.BaseWidget::isCreated()()) {
    self = object.@com.smartgwt.client.widgets.BaseWidget::getJsObj()();
    } else {
    self = object.@com.smartgwt.client.widgets.BaseWidget::getConfig()();
    self.indicatorClick = function (event, name) {
    instance.@com.abcd.widgets.tasks.tasksDialog::deadlineClick(*)(event, name);

    but it's ugly
    Last edited by Hirn; 25th Nov 2019, 01:02.

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  • Isomorphic
    We see no reason for a customizer here - however, in builds dated November 22 and later, you can addEventRepositionStopHandler(), and determine whether the event that was repositioned is an Indicator by checking event.getEvent().getDuration() == 0.

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  • Hirn
    started a topic Timeline end Drag event of Indicator

    Timeline end Drag event of Indicator

    Is it possible to add onEndDragIndicator or onIndicatorChanged and onIndicatorEditorCustomizer events for Timeline?
    Last edited by Hirn; 20th Nov 2019, 02:34.