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    PickTreeItem : refresh DataSource & vertical list height


    I have two interrogations about the PickTreeItem class.

    I want a long tree list of elements (PickTreeItem) that I retrieve from a XML file. Sometimes the XML files is refreshed and the PickTreeItem needs to be updated aswell.
    I have attached to this topic :
    - The code itself from my current attempts : "MyWebApp code.txt"
    - The XML file : "admintoolsservice.xml"

    GWT 2.8.2
    SmartGWT 12.0p
    Java 1.8

    The code invokes a tree list and a button to refresh it.
    When clicking on "Refresh list" I create a new PickTreeItem (newSearchPickTree) which erases the precedent, then I redraw the form containing the list.

    Is there a more elegant way to do this ?
    I have tried to change the DataSource from the "searchPickTree" without success, probably because of the cache but I have no idea how to update it.

    Second question, when the list is loaded first it takes a vertical height that overflows the screen (resolution 1920x1080).
    Clicking anywhere in the browser then clicking back on the list corrects the position.

    How to control the position and/or the height of a PickTreeItem on first load ?

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	good.png
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    Best regards
    Attached Files

    Any help on these questions ? :(