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    Image upload is not getting Completed

    Hi Team,

    I m facing several problem after migrating from <gwt.version>2.6.1</gwt.version> to <gwt.version>2.8.2</gwt.version> and <smartgwt.version>5.0-p20141116</smartgwt.version> to <smartgwt.version>6.1-p20191130</smartgwt.version>
    a.Ui tab are getting rendered two times.
    b.Intiallly we have piece of code to dsiable tab is
    public void onTabDeselected(TabDeselectedEvent event) {
    Tab tab = (Tab) event.getSource();
    /*if ((event.getY() - tab.getTabSet().getAbsoluteTop()) < 30) {

    now after migrating it is giving compilation issue because there is no such method (getY() )defined in TabDeselectedEvent,previuosly it was working TabDeselectedEvent was a child class of BrwoserEvent.class.getY() method is defined in BrwoserEvent.

    now they are extending same class basically hierarchy of inheritance has been changed.
    Can any body guide us to get the Returns the page-relative top coordinate of the widget on the page, in pixels by events object.
    or guide to enable ,disable based on click event.

    3.UiUpload -SubmitCompleteHandler is not getting completed.
    File upload processing is getting stuck.
    Below piece of code is not working leading incomplete process.
    upload.addSubmitCompleteHandler(new SubmitCompleteHandler() {
    public void onSubmitComplete(SubmitCompleteEvent event) {
    Window.alert("Inside On submit complete event result"+event.getResults());



    A) [doubled tabs] this has never been reported before by anyone migrating. Please provide a minimal, ready-to-run test case if you believe this is a SmartGWT bug

    B) the correct way to get coordinates is via APIs on the EventHandler class

    2) way too little information. Is this a FileItem or an UploadItem? Are you using our server framework or did you roll your own? Is the server response correct or did you server code just crash?


      could you please brief me about to get coordinates,
      2.It’s an upload item.
      submitcompletehandler of Form panel is not getting completed also yes I m getting correct response from sever.Its a rest api call from FormPanel Object.
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        SmartGWT doesn’t have a FormPanel class, and our UploadItem doesn’t post to REST services. Looks like at least this part of your application uses just GWT, not SmartGWT widgets. We can’t help with those; also, be sure to read the FAQ on why mixing GWT and SmartGWT widgets is not a good idea.


          The problem with the TabSelectedEvent/TabDeselectedEvent should be resolved in SGWT 6.1p and newer releases with the nightly builds dated 2020-01-09 and beyond.