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    Issue with Palette resizing in Firefox v72.02 if margins are set in parent

    Hi, I am a Navy client working on a SmartGWT application and we implemented a feature that works in Firefox 64 and I.E. just fine. However, on Firefox 72.02 the feature seems to have broke again.

    The Drag and drop feature of Palette items is broken if the parent view that the palettes are placed on has a margin set. We need this feature for printing shipping labels. When a Palette item is moved or resized once it's placed the knobs are off center by the number of pixels the margin is set times 100. So if the margin is .25f the knobs are off center from the original image by 25 pixels from the top and 25 from the right. Removing the margin fixes the issue.

    My questions are the following,

    Are you aware of this issue?

    Do you have a suggested fix that works on all versions of Firfox browsers?

    If no to both those questions how do you suggest we proceed?

    Thank you!

    What's probably going on here is that Firefox has introduced a new bug where margins sizes are misreported to us.

    We would generally stay away from margins (use padding instead) as margins seems to be the place where, out of borders, padding, and margins, the most bugs are introduced. This is because people don't use them as often and the spec is convoluted and unclear.

    If you have time, we'd love to see a test case that reproduces the problem, so we can implement a workaround. But just switching to padding is probably a faster course for you.