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    Oracle wallets with SmartGWT DataSource

    Do you have an example of how to set up a SmartGWT DataSource in to make use of the Oracle Wallet (cwallet.sso)? I have been able to use the Oracle Wallet in Java applications, but have not been able to make SmartGWT use it (I continue to get errors about the Secret Store not being available). I have not seen any examples of how to use SmartGWT with the Oracle Wallet credentials.

    See the SQL Settings overview - the "generic" option uses only SQL92 syntax. Oracle may have supported SQL92 well enough that this will work. If they didn't, you can always just make a Custom DataSource (see QuickStart Guide) and write your own JDBC code to access the wallet.

    You may also be able to mix the two approaches: use SQLDataSource with the "generic" option, but add Java code for operations where Oracle's JDBC driver blows up because it doesn't support the necessary SQL syntax.