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    SpinnerItem default value is ignored after upgrading Smart GWT to 12.1 version

    After upgrading Smart GWT to the 12.1 version, all my SpinnerItem's default values are ignored. By clicking on the ▼(-) or the ▲(+) buttons, the value will be changed based on the Min value, not the default value.

    I would appreciate it if help me with this problem.

    From a quick look at the Showcase and automated tests, SpinnerItem default values are behavior as expected. Please let us know how to reproduce the claimed problem.


      Thank you so much for responding.

      Actually, we used SpinnerItem several times in different places in our project.
      I checked we wrote a similar code like below for all of them and they worked fine in the before version,
      but now after upgrading Smart GWT to the 12.1 version all of our SpinnerItem have a similar problem.
      All the SpinnerItem's default values are ignored. By clicking on the ▼(-) or the ▲(+) buttons for example in the below case:
      180 will show correctly as a default value but when I click on the + button it will be 11 instead of 181.

      xSpinner = new SpinnerItem("String for name" , "String for title");
      xSpinner.setDefaultValue( 180 );
      xSpinner.setMin( 10 );
      xSpinner.setMax( 9999 );
      xSpinner.setStep( 1 );
      xSpinner.setWidth( 100 );
      xSpinner.setHint( "<nobr>" + LocalizedConstantsFactory.getCommonConstants().gb() + "</nobr>" );
      xSpinner.setValidators( new IntegerValidator() );

      Would you please tell me what exactly should tell you to reproduce the problem?
      Or what information can be useful?
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        We were not able to reproduce the reported problem by testing your code.

        Please, try to use the latest build of 12.1 version, and if the problem is still reproducible, we are going to need a standalone test case that reproduces the problem.

        Isomorphic Software


          Thank you, I'll do that and I'll let you know if that will be still reproducible.