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    Why is height specified for each formitem type in load_skin.js ?

    13.0 pro beta., 0-d20210130.

    Hi, was looking to increase heights in formitems. I had previously noted that you have height:22 in the different formitem classes, like ComboBoxItem.addProperties, SelectItem.addProperties, DateItem.addProperties etc.

    What i previously had done was removing all those rows, and adding a "height:" to "isc.FormItem.addClassProperties" so that they can have the same height unless i override it in one of the class-specific sections.

    However, i notice now that this doesn't work for TimeItem. I have to add the height: specifically to the 'addProperties' of TimeItem to make it change its height, it doesn't seem to take in the class property.

    So, i have a couple of questions i hope you can help out with:

    1. Am i missing something doing the height this way? To me, it's more logical to have it in one place rather than repeating "height:22" everywhere, unless it's a different value.

    2. Why doesn't it work for timeitem? It's a formitem, no?


    This would be a long story, but basically, it's not a mistake and you should revert your attempt to define height at the formItem level, as that will break things.

    If you are trying to accomplish a specific styling goal, please ask about that instead.


      OK, will do. So i just want to increase the height of the formitems (dateitem etc.) to make them roomier. I thought you just could alter the 'height' item, it sounded like it would make sense in my head.


        You are aware of Canvas.resizeControls(), right? If you increase just FormItems, that's going to have all kinds of knock-on effects, eg, FilterEditor has to be taller, grid rows taller, toolbars and TabBars and anything else that may contain FormItems has to be taller. This is all explained in the docs for resizeControls().


          Was not aware. Will look.

          Indulge me please - how can changing the height value of a TextItem (which is a FormItem) have knock-on effects on a TabBar? TabBars aren't FormItems? I can see that IF you'd add a TextItem to a grid where you had changed the size to 35 would not look great unless you also increased the grid row size.


            See above: TabBars often contain FormItems, as TabBar controls as for tab title editing. Also explained in the docs.


              Above, i meant that i was not aware about resizing formitems in load_skin.js would have knock-on effects. I had read about resizecontrols, but we have the beginnings of a skin that we comissioned from you guys last year, based on Stratus, and in the documentation for resizecontrols it says

              For this reason, resizeControls() is only officially supported for Tahoe, Enterprise, EnterpriseBlue and Graphite skins, and only in CSS3 Mode
              Both those things is kind of limiting to us as you maybe can see, so i thought i could just resize the heights, that it wouldn't be so hard, partly because we don't utilite fancy stuff like forms in tabbars.


                We've updated the stale skin-list in the doc for resizeControls() and a couple of other places in the skin docs - the supported list is any skin from the Enterprise series (Enterprise, EnterpriseBlue and Graphite, in CSS3 mode) or any of the more modern Flat series (Tahoe, Stratus, Twilight and Obsidian) - this includes any custom skin based on one of these, and any skin generated by the Skin Editor.