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    EOFexception with FileDownload servlet in 13d

    Hi, since running 13 (right now running 13.0-d20210130) locally i have started seeing some strange IO-errors in the logs:

    2021-03-31 14:52:50.819 ERROR - Problem sending static file: (thefile...) null
    Caused by: Broken pipe
    at Method)
    I don't recall seeing this prior to 13. The images are always visible in the browser.

    Do you know anything about this?

    "Broken pipe" errors happen when the browser closes the connection in the middle of a download. It's normal to intermittently see these whenever users happen to navigate away in the middle of an image or other file download.

    This wouldn't be something new in 13.0, but you may have changed something in Jetty, or not completely copied over log configuration that might have suppressed this.


      Yeah i have them in Tomcat too sometimes of course. Just never saw the Downloadservlet log them like this before. No worries.


        Hi regarding this. I have noticed that when i see it in the logs running in dev mode in intellij, it actually follows the same pattern almost always:

        1. The image in question is part of the "first-load" login page, so it is shown in the browser as the first page after startup.
        2. So I do not navigate away, close that tab or anything.
        3. It's always the same image, a jpg of 74 kb.
        4. It is still shown in the browser fine.

        I find it curious, you have any idea?


          Probably, there are two requests for the same image: one that works and that you know about, and another that is started but abandoned.

          You mentioned login - this kind of thing might be happening because the authentication system is doing an immediate redirect on first arrival at the login system. So the browser arrives, begins to download the jpg file, and then is redirected to another URL for the login page, and so abandons the download leading to the error, then restarts the download when it arrives at the final login URL, where the download succeeds.


            That's exactly what happens. I'll check the logs to verify, but i'm sure that must be the case.

            Thanks alot, this is exactly the kind of quality content i was hoping for :)