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    DateChooser seems broken in 13.

    In 13 (currently on 13.0-d20210130), the DateChooser ignores calls to setData.

    test case:
    public void onModuleLoad() {
            DateChooser begin = new DateChooser();
            Date beginDate = new Date();
            GWT.log("setting begin to: " + beginDate);
    The date in question does not get selected in the chooser.

    Confirmed working in 12.

    This looks to have been a transient bug in 13.0, and isn't reproducible in more recent builds - there were also separate recent updates for DateChoosers, so you should update to the latest from


      Right. The reason i did not upgrade was because the datetimeitem/dateitem was also broken when i upgraded to a recent build of 13, but i see that you say you have fixed it now, so i'll give it a go again.


        I have now updated to 13.0-d20210407.

        While the bug i wrote about in another thread (that you cannot enter values in DateTimeItems) is fixed, the above code is not.

        The above test still results in that nothing is selected in the DateChooser, unfortunately. Please try yourselves. It would be really great if you had the time to look at this, we really need the datechooser in our app.
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          Which skin are you using? We see this working as expected with the default Tahoe skin in the build from April 10.


            Never mind - we see the problem in the Enterprise skin. It's a timing issue - setData() isn't highlighting a grid-cell, because it's running before the grid itself has drawn.

            We've added a fix for builds dated April 13 and later.
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              Thank you. I just spent almost an hour making sure i haven't missed something and was just about to write "hey you guys it DOESNT WORK!!!" :)