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    Listgrid z-level problem - clicking SelectItem dropdown arrow does not display valueMap items

    A SelectItem cell in a list grid is not displaying the valueMap items when clicking the dropdown arrow. The list grid is being displayed on a dialog box that pops up on top of the main page. The z-level of the dialog box is greater than the z-level of the main page which is displayed as a glass element behind the dialog box. How can I get the z-level on the list grid SelectItem dropdown to display on top of the dialog box instead of behind it? I can get the items to display when using lower z-level values on the dialog setStyleName and setGlassStyleName css but then nothing happens when the SelectItem items are clicked.

    First, please remember to tell us what product and version you are using, and always update to the latest patched build for your version before posting an issue (see

    As far as the claimed issue, we can't reproduce it, and if it was happening in general, these forums would be filled with such reports (it's a very common use case). We don't know what you're doing that's special, possibly it has to to do with trying to control zIndex from CSS (which is invalid - you have to use setters or moveAbove()/moveBelow()) but we'll need a way to reproduce the problem (see the Debugging topic for tips on this).

    Finally, if you just need an immediate workaround, you could use pickListProperties on the SelectItem to set a very high zIndex.