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    ComboBoxItem values getting freeze


    I'm using SMART GWT 12.1 version and I'm having an issue with some ComboBoxItems defined in my code.

    Basically I'm having a search section with some comboBoxItems and a button which opens a window when the button clicks.

    Just after closing the window I'm trying to search some values inside the comboBoxItem. But the values inside the combo getting vanished and I have to close the screen and open it again to select values to the combo. When I changed the same combo to a selectItem the issue is not coming. Can I know whether there is any existing issue with comboBoxItems?

    I tried window.destroy(), window.clear(), window.hide() but the issue is there for all. I'm not setting any seperateValueList to the comboBox even the log says separateValuesList:Attempt to access destroyed widget in the DOM.

    Below is the error I'm getting in the console.

    *20:22:16.234:MDN0:WARN:ListGrid:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList:Attempt to access destroyed widget in the DOM - destroy() called at invalid time (eg: mid-draw) or invalid method called on destroy()d widget. Stack Trace:
    Canvas.getHandle() on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3148:406
    Canvas.getClipHandle() on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3150:101
    Canvas.getStyleHandle() on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3152:279
    Canvas.getLeft() on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3217:294
    Canvas.moveTo(_1=>null, _2=>null, _3=>undef, _4=>true) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3447:39
    Canvas.setRect(_1=>null, _2=>null, _3=>"100%", _4=>null, _5=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3217:62
    Canvas._resolvePercentageSize(_1=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3534:7
    [c]Class.invokeSuper(_1=>null, _2=>"$qw", _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef, _6=>undef, _7=>undef, _8=>undef, _9=>undef, _10=>undef, _11=>undef, _12=>undef, _13=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:299:93
    [c]Class.Super(_1=>"$qw", _2=>[object Arguments], _3=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:291:170
    ListGrid._resolvePercentageSize() on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Grids.js:842:6
    Canvas.parentResized(_1=>undef) on[ListGrid ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12_separateValuesList] @ ISC_Core.js:3531:518
    Canvas._resolveChildPercentSizes() on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_132] @ ISC_Core.js:3482:679
    Canvas.layoutChildren(_1=>"resized", _2=>46, _3=>0) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_132] @ ISC_Core.js:3482:507
    Canvas._completeResizeBy(_1=>undef, _2=>undef) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_132] @ ISC_Core.js:3471:78
    Canvas.resizeBy(_1=>46, _2=>null, _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef, _6=>undef) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_132] @ ISC_Core.js:3469:6
    Canvas.resizeTo(_1=>146, _2=>undef, _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef, _6=>undef, _7=>undef) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_132] @ ISC_Core.js:3483:449
    Canvas.setWidth(_1=>146) on [Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_132] @ ISC_Core.js:3222:640
    Layout.setMemberBreadth(_1=>[Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_132], _2=>146) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_15] @ ISC_Foundation.js:236:1399
    Layout.autoSetBreadth(_1=>[Canvas ID:isc_Canvas_132]) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_15] @ ISC_Foundation.js:257:255
    Layout.addMembers(_1=>Array[3], _2=>0, _3=>true, _4=>undef) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_15] @ ISC_Foundation.js:399:20
    Layout.setMembers(_1=>Array[3]) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_15] @ ISC_Foundation.js:414:89
    ListGrid.updateGridComponents() on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_15] @ ISC_Grids.js:1333:144
    ListGrid.createChildren() on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_15] @ ISC_Grids.js:1330:83
    ListGrid.prepareForDraw() on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_15] @ ISC_Grids.js:1432:6
    ListGrid.draw(_1=>undef, _2=>undef, _3=>undef, _4=>undef) on [PickListMenu ID:isc_PickListMenu_15] @ ISC_Grids.js:1421:599
    _3.placePickList() on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12 name:destinationId] @ ISC_Forms.js:22590:28
    _3.$19l() on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12 name:destinationId] @ ISC_Forms.js:21354:22
    _3.showPickList(_1=>undef, _2=>undef) on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12 name:destinationId] @ ISC_Forms.js:21346:26
    ComboBoxItem.showPicker() on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12 name:destinationId] @ ISC_Forms.js:29153:14
    FormItem.pickerIconClick() on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12 name:destinationId] @ ISC_Forms.js:14445:14
    FormItem._iconClick(_1=>"picker") on [ComboBoxItem ID:isc_ComboBoxItem_12 name:destinationId] @ ISC_Forms.js:14431:22
    DynamicForm.handleItemClick(_1=>Obj, _2=>Obj) on [SearchForm ID:isc_SaveReportEnabledShipxSearchForm_0] @ ISC_Forms.js:6963:28
    DynamicForm.handleClick(_1=>Obj, _2=>undef) on [SearchForm ID:isc_SaveReportEnabledShipxSearchForm_0] @ ISC_Forms.js:6941:27
    [c]EventHandler.bubbleEvent(_1=>[SearchForm ID:isc_SaveReportEnabledShipxSearchForm_0], _2=>"click", _3=>undef, _4=>undef, _5=>undef) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2418:89
    [c]EventHandler.handleClick(_1=>[SearchForm ID:isc_SaveReportEnabledShipxSearchForm_0], _2=>undef) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2251:50
    EventHandler._handleMouseUp(_1=>[object MouseEvent], _2=>undef) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2233:11
    [c]EventHandler.handleMouseUp(_1=>[object MouseEvent], _2=>undef) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2224:57
    [c]EventHandler.dispatch(_1=>[c]EventHandler.handleMouseUp(), _2=>[object MouseEvent]) on [Class EventHandler] @ ISC_Core.js:2513:122
    HTMLDocument.eval(event=>[object MouseEvent]) @ [no file]:3:123
    Last edited by GTS; 6 Jun 2021, 08:11.

    This appears to be a duplicate of this recent post.

    Posting the same issue without referring back to other posts about it creates duplicate work.

    Can you please explain how this came to happen?


      1. click on the comboboxitem and the optionadatasource is loading as expected. I can search some values by typing names in the combo and select them.
      2. User have OK button and when the user clicks the OK button a window is opened and some function is their inside the window. After I click the submit button in the window the window is closing as expected.
      3. just the window get closed I'm again clicking the 1st step combo and searching for values inside the combo by typing first letters of the value. the loaded values got vanished and trying to load the optionadatasource again. Even though the data comes by the optionadatasource again I cant select any values inside the combo. Please note that I have set autofetch(true) for the combo. So loading data again cannot be happen I guess.

      **** But when combobox turns to a selectItem the issue is not coming. But I want to have a comboBoxItem for this cause I want to type some values in that item.

      Can you kindly let me know whether there is any issue with the comboBoxItem ?