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    Can you turn off oldValues?

    It's a great feature when needed, but for us It's a lot of data sent all the time that we do not use (we have a datbase-based versioning system since updates come in from lots of different places). Can it be turned off somehow?

    Not really following the question.. if you don't want the oldValues, you could simply set them to null in the request.

    Generally speaking, this would cause a very small reduction in bytes on the wire with a huge drop in utility. It might make sense as an optimization for a system that is running very close to its peak processing capacity, where the throughput has been specifically traced to either HTTP request size or (exceedingly rare) request parse time.

    For the most part, it would not be worth considering as an optimization.


      OK i'll clarify: When i'm doing for example a save in a form and it's transmitted to the server, it's part of the _transaction dsrequest. It's there automatically. It makes it hard to look at the data sent to the server and when debugging and looking at data.

      I totally agree that it's not a primarily a performance issue but my reasons are not for optimization. To me, seeing them all the time in the Firefox debugger, making me sometimes copy the wrong value is enough of a nuisance to wanting to turn it off. Again, it's zero utility to us since we have never used it.

      If it was simple to turn it off i'd do it right away, but somehow adding setNull everywhere i do a is not that.


        You can get rid of it with a DataSource.transformRequest implementation if you like, but again, we would recommend against doing this.